RESSENCE based in Antwerp, Belgium, and Totally Worth It, LLC based in New York City have joined hands to distribute this discreet yet fully charged brand in North America and the Caribbean.

RESSENCE which is a contraction of Renaissance of the Essentials, the credo of its genius founder and CEO, Benoît Mintiens, was established in 2009. Unlike many who try to add depth and layers, RESSENCE time is displayed by a flush mounted revolving dial that embodies all the graphical elements in one plane under the 3D shaped sapphire glass. The mechanical display system features a revolving module driven by a Swiss automatic caliber.

"Simplifying a thought into words or a design into an object is the hardest thing. As an Industrial Designer, I have been trained to do that and still confront it on a daily basis. It is so difficult to do simple!" Benoît Mintiens

The concept of Totally Worth It (TWI) is to gather, under one roof, the best brands that will ignite passion and reaction from both retailers and consumers as well as the press. Alexis Sarkissian, founder of TWI, is a Swiss-American from Geneva. He has been involved in the international watchmaking scene for more than two decades.

"RESSENCE has interpreted time in its own way through an extra flat dial under a high-tech crystal and the most incredible of complications -reinventing the display of every hour in front of one's eyes. The result is an elegant and well-balanced timepiece on the outside which hides well a complex mechanism on the inside." Alexis Sarkissian

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