Totally Worth It

We gather under one roof the best brands that will create passion and reaction from retailers, consumer and press.


The name says it all, motto, credo, philosophy, and raison d’être. The brands distributed by TWI in North America are all 'Totally Worth It’: Ressence, Trilobe, Edouard Koehn, Swiss Kubik, and Scatola del Tempo.

The concept is to gather under one roof the best brands that will create passion and reaction from retailers, consumers and press. Tough times provide opportunities for the small but experienced professionals to distinguish themselves and grow; while confusion reigns and existing leaders ponder on their next step to maintain dominance.

'Totally Worth It' will grow through service, organization, better (superior) products and dedication to its craft in order to provide extraordinary products to consumers with taste through passionate retailer.

Totally Frank

TWI is and has always been a trusted partner of RESSENCE. It is key when developping a new brand to rely on talented people.
Alexis and Jennifer vast knowledge of the american market, their undisputable know-how of fine watchmaking but most importanly their professionalism, flexibility and commitment make them a key asset for RESSENCE.


I highly recommend TWI for the best selection and information on the finest watches. Mr. Sarkissian's knowledge about watches is deep and comprehensive, and his passion for the watch industry extends to the story and history of the timepieces, which makes for fascinating education that helps one to make a selection. He takes the time to understand his client's needs, then makes specific recommendations backed with convincing reason. His experience in the high-end timepiece business is as evident and comforting as it is invaluable.

Michael Avari

I am pleased to write that I have been working with TWI for 11 of their 11 years. We have successfully worked with one another to develop young, emerging and dynamic brands amidst a landscape of super commercialism. It's a pleasure to work hand-in-hand with partners that truly understand and embrace the challenges and vision required to bring unique, high quality products to market!

Martin Pulli
Martin Pulli

Laurent Ferrier has been TWI’s partner for 4 successful years. Thanks to Jen and Alexis’ hard work and smart strategy, Laurent Ferrier’s brand awareness significantly increased in North America. TWI is particularly trustworthy for their professionalism and commitment to business. Their strong relationship with American retailers, customers and media is an asset for whoever wants to expand in this area.

Vanessa Monestel
CEO Laurent Ferrier

I really enjoy working with the Alexis because he knows what the brands can do, and how quickly. When I order a custom watch from him, he takes the time to understand exactly what I want and has the persistence to make it happen.

Leon Adams
Cellini Jewelers

We have been working with Totally Worth It since it’s from inception in 2006. In 2015, we became an authorized retailer for one of the most prestigious brands on the planet, Laurent Ferrier. Their production finally reached a level allowing distribution through a small retail network and we jumped at the opportunity immediately with the assistance of Alexis and Totally Worth It. Following the success of this endeavor we decided to become an authorized dealer for another brand in Totally Worth Its portfolio, Ressence, which has been nothing short of amazing.
Insofar as the people, Alexis and Jennifer exemplify intense integrity, honesty and warmth of heart and soul. We are truly proud to be their partner, in all respects.

The Swiss FineTiming and Jewellers Team-2017.
Swiss Fine Timing