TF Est. 1968 Open-Side Tourbillon pen PTO-PR99
TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 Open-Side Tourbillon pen PTO-PR99


For watchmaking enthusiasts and anyone else who is up for it, a fun trendy object, like the Tourbillon cufflinks, the New Tourbillon pen
is a writing instrument of pure design. Complete with transparent tourbillon mechanism, it adds further value to a range of cufflinks that have secured a firm place for the Swiss brand in the world
of playful and accessible luxury.

The newest design is now streamlined with the tourbillon mechanism being transparent.
An embossed alligator leather insert with a crisscross hand-stitched seam has been added to the top of the pen.

An original, fun design, and a spirited nod to the field of mechanical watchmaking, the Tourbillon pen is just at home on the lapel of a gentleman's jacket as it is on his desk. Perfectly happy to be seen not-so-discreetly peeking out from a shirt pocket, it reveals a
high-tech identity, for glimpsed through its sturdy transparent crystal, is a fully-operational watchmaking mechanism evoking the movements inspired by a tourbillon.

Open Side

Its transparency is alluring and the perpetual movement inside displays well its playful spirit. Thus, to the great joy of aficionados of watchmaking and unusual writing implements, the Tourbillon Open Side Pen continues to reveal – in the style of a genuine manufacture – the authentic gearwheels of a fragment of a watch's movement. And this time, the pen does so not only on its upper tip, but also sideways, as it were, on the upper lateral section. The mechanism is visible through a sapphire crystal, ultra-resistant and scratchproof.

The Leather Attraction

Embossed crocodile leather covers the upper section, which adds to the grip comfort and produces the wonderful haptic feel of a noble and sensual material. The hand-done X stitching, inspired by the greatest French saddle-maker, hides away discreetly under a clip, whose robustness and suppleness are characteristic of the TF Est. 1968 brand.

The Tourbillon Pen and its Watchmaking codes

In a play on total transparency, the new tourbillon mechanism leaves open for viewing a genuine watchmaking movement trapped inside a tourbillon cage. The mechanism is powered by the movements of the wearer’s wrist and encased beneath a sapphire-treated crystal that ensures quality and resistance.

As with any Tourbillon movement, the balance wheel is held in place by an Incabloc™ shock absorber and blue screws hold the bridges. The crystal is coated with anti-reflective material. The clip is articulated for ease of use.

The tourbillon mechanism is air and water tight and resistant to shocks and aggressions. Each pen is individually numbered and guaranteed for 2 years. They each retail at $800.

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