TF Est. 1968 Tourbillon pen PT-PY01
TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 Tourbillon pen PT-PY01


For watchmaking enthusiasts and anyone else who's up for it, a fun trendy object, like the Tourbillon cufflinks, the Classic Tourbillon pen is a writing instrument of pure design. Complete with transparent end showcasing a tourbillon-style balance mechanism, it adds further value to a range of cufflinks that have secured a firm place for the Swiss brand in the world of playful, accessible luxury.

An original, fun design, and a spirited nod to the field of mechanical watchmaking, the Classic Tourbillon pen is just as at home on the lapel of a gentleman's jacket as it is in the innermost reaches of a ladies' handbag. Perfectly happy to be seen not-so-discreetly peeking out from a shirt pocket, it reveals a high-tech identity, for glimpsed through its 45° inclined sturdy transparent crystal, of is a fully-operational watchmaking mechanism evoking the movements inspired by a tourbillon.

The seductive, streamlined Tourbillon pen by TF Est. 1968 is the epitome of elegance and fine handling. A beautifully balanced object of desire, it remains, above all, the symbol of a keen design mind based on meticulous attention to craftsmanship: the painstaking choice of materials, a scrupulous study in proportions and volume distribution and efficiency of form, all for the sake of optimum user comfort.

The Classic Tourbillon pen and its Watchmaking codes

The tourbillon mechanism is air and water tight and resistant to shocks and aggressions. Each pen is individually numbered and guaranteed for 2 years. The pens are delivered with a beautiful leather pouch and in a luxurious Havana-colored box and, which can be upgraded to house a pen and a pair of cufflinks or two…

Like all the pens in this family, the Classic Tourbillon by TF Est. 1968 combines ease-of-use with the soft touch and writing quality of a fountain pen. The pens are available in several variations matching the cufflinks. The pens are each $1,090.

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