TF Est. 1968 Poker cufflinks CJ-SS01
TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 Poker cufflinks CJ-SS01


Stainless Steel

Casino Collection, Joker model. The Swiss global brand TF Est. 1968, known already for its watchmaking-inspired cufflinks, branches out into the fascinating world of gambling and games of chance.

To mark the end of the New Year celebrations, TF Est. 1968 has decided to extend the party and up the ante, with elegance at the top of the list of its resolutions for 2014! And elegance is precisely the mood that will carry on into the New Year against a cascade of flowing champagne and a backdrop of festive splendour.

With its new Joker cufflinks from the Casino collection, the Swiss brand TF Est. 1968 brings into play another of its identity codes: the movement. In this instance, it is given a playful, mischievous, fun twist. Housed beneath a static dial with six symmetrically arranged apertures, surrounded by a bezel sporting a red and black chequered design reminiscent of the roulette wheel, the movement is encircled by a rotating band spinning to infinity at the slightest touch, marking off the numbers of chance. Springing into life between the wearer’s fingers, suspended between two ball bearings, the band surrounds a disc bearing six gambling motifs set against a white background. And right at the heart of the dial, as if tempting fate and taunting the wearer with its familiar wicked grin sits the face of the eternal practical Joker. The whole is protected by a sapphire-treated crystal.

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