TF Est. 1968 Moonphase Carbon Cufflinks CMP-PB02
TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 Moonphase Carbon Cufflinks CMP-PB02


Rose Gold Plated – black carbon back

TF Est. 1968, has done it again. A Moonphase complication now adorns the most elegant wrists. The brand continues to savor the success of its collection crafted in tribute to the 'Tourbillon', while once again combining affordability and craftsmanship.

Today, a new cufflink collection dedicated to the master watchmaker’s Moonphase complication came into being. Aficionados, collectors and enthusiasts of mechanical watchmaking rejoice! TF Est. 1968 already boasts a great many models dedicated to the 'Tourbillon' responsible for establishing its initial success. They have now found their way into the world’s most prestigious watch boutiques, as well as the major international distribution channels. In fact, they will soon be seen in no less than 500 retail outlets around the globe, a success story firmly rooted in the unique and trendy luxury market, complete with their accessible price tags and carbon accents.

Moonphase Cufflinks                                                  

The particularly robust TF Est. 1968 cufflinks are air and water-tight and resistant to shocks and aggressions of all kinds. Other variations on the mechanical watchmaking theme are already taking shape as we write. And, as ever, the hallmark traits of the brand are present, a witty nod to today’s use of carbon fiber, luminous color pops and a super-affordable price tag.

Encased in a cage of steel, sporting an array of carbon details, a watchmaking mechanism in perfect working order accompanies every movement of the wearer’s wrist. Through what appears to be the transparent crystal of a watchcase, the eye is beckoned towards a voyeuristic display of technical achievement. Design-wise, the lack of conventional stem accentuates the functional aspect of the piece, preventing it from rotating about its own axis. A neat and snappy precision spring clasp holds the piece in place, anchoring it firmly to the shirt.

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