TF Est. 1968 Globe cufflinks CG-PB01
TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 Globe cufflinks CG-PB01


Black PVD Cufflinks

TF Est. 1968, the Swiss brand with high quality and reasonable cost, may already be seen adorning the cuffs of many a man's shirt. In the world of fun accessories, Globe Cufflinks are a witty nod to the world of travel: men can be fashion victims too!

Symbolizing a certain subtle refinement in modern man's dress codes, cufflinks emerged at the dawn of the 17th century. They were an indication of social rank and allowed gentlemen of that bygone era to out-rival one another in their originality. To this day, they never fail to brighten up an austere suit, attract admiring glances and celebrate an individual's difference.

These particularly robust TF Est. 1968 cufflinks are air and water-tight and resistant to shocks and aggressions of all kinds. The globe is rotating freely right and left. The perimeter of the cufflink is graduated. They appeal to businessmen as well as seasoned armchair travelers! On one wrist, the northern hemisphere, on the other the south. All TF Est. 1968 products are guaranteed for two years. Unlike all the competitors, they have a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.


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