TF Est. 1968 T-Mechanic pen PM-PR01
TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 T-Mechanic pen PM-PR01


The horologically-inspired T-Mechanic from the Geneva watchmaking brand

TF Est. 1968 combines the art of fine handwriting with pure workshop craftsmanship: a genuine mechanism with real moving parts to accompany the calligraphic gesture.

Thanks to its Moon phases or Tourbillon concept cufflinks, both of them now star products showcased in the windows of the world’s most prestigious jewelers/watchmakers, TF Est. 1968 has opened more than 500 retail outlets in less than two years!

Inspiring a whole wave of new collectors, the Geneva watchmaking brand went on to offer these exquisite accessories for elegant shirt cuffs in a choice of delicious candy colors and various coatings, sometimes set with diamonds, precious or semi-precious gemstones. The brand’s foray into the use of materials, featuring a carbon fiber background in a choice of irresistible colors (two of its defining codes), has in the process raised the profile and promoted the distribution of its genuine Swiss made timepieces. In an already overcrowded market, TF Est. 1968’s cufflinks open new doors.

The T-Mechanic pen in palladium, resumes the codes at the heart of his success with a playful display of fully functional watchmaking parts. What self-respecting watch enthusiast, what fan of micromechanical engineering could fail to purchase a ball pen where the hermetically sealed solid sapphire crystal section of the body reveals a genuine watchmaking mechanism? Such an instrument, while making a bold statement, not only makes an interesting conversation starter, but also underlines a passion for watchmaking.

‘TF Est. 1968 subscribes to a certain level of deviance already common practice among its aficionados - voyeurism in watchmaking’

Insistence upon Swiss-made craftsmanship will always be a feature of the objects of affordable luxury designed by TF Est. 1968. The solid and reliable T-Mechanic is an engaging companion. Its secure clip, struck with the logo initials ‘TF’, grips the pocket firmly and harmlessly without tearing at threads. These ambassadors for fine handwriting team up easily with a classically elegant wardrobe as well as a sporty-chic look, being just as at ease in a gentleman’s shirt pocket as in the mysterious, intimate depths of a ladies’ handbag…

Captivating, streamlined, perfectly balanced… the hallmarks of a design developed from intricate watchmaking methods. The harmoniously proportioned, seductively curved T-Mechanic marries aesthetics with functionality. Comfort and convenience of use make the T-Mechanic equally well suited to an effortlessly casual or extravagant calligraphic hand.


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