The Triton was designed in 1962 by Jean René Parmentier (1921 - 1998) for the Spirotechnique Company, founded in 1946 by the famous Jacques Cousteau. René Parmentier was a former colonel in the French Air Force whose passion was watches and watchmaking. The Triton was launched in 1963 and sold until the beginning of the seventies, distributed exclusively through diving equipment shops.


He had patented a unique crown protection system, designed to secure the winding crown and guard it against accidents during dives. The watch was instantly recognisable due to its crown at 12 o’clock and its hinged crown protection fixed to the case. This singular and aesthetically pleasing design was not created just to look good, but to avoid possibly fatal diving accidents caused by the winding crown snagging on something during a dive. The Triton was one of the first diving watches to withstand a depth of 200 metres. This is why many professional divers (including those of the French Navy) adopted it.