Rudis Sylva is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and is proud to be one of very few independent brands to have designed, built, manufactured, tested and patented an entire complicated movement. The Rudis Sylva brand dates back to 1384. With its independent past, the brand has a complicated watchmaking pedigree! Its name - Rudis Sylva - comes from the association of Mr. Jean Ruedin and sylva, Latin for 'forest'. The artisans of this region, regardless of whether or not they contributed to the production of this timepiece, are the real founders of the Rudis Sylva concept. The sole objective of the brand is to connect history and technology to offer the world a product which showcases the expertise of the region in the best possible light.

The unique technology offered by Rudis Sylva positions the Harmonious Oscillator above all existing tourbillons, since it is completely freed from the effects of gravity. The hand finishing makes each product unique and pays tribute to the various branches of watchmaking artistry.