Jorn Werdelin’s great grandfather established himself as a finesmith in Aalborg, Denmark. His grandfather, himself a goldsmith, opened the first jewelry shop of the Werdelin family and his father graduated as a jeweler and opened further boutiques in Copenhagen.

Young Jorn was surrounded and fascinated by watches. At only 8 years of age, he exchanged his first strap and battery for one of his father’s client. As he grew older, Jorn had become a regular on the shop floor during the Christmas season, becoming more knowledgeable every year about the leading luxury watch brands present in the store, developing a strong marketing sense for this niche high end clientele base. 

At 14, Jorn saw the first Cartier Santos Octagonal watch enter his father’s shop. A luxury sports watch like none before, it struck him as a must-have. He worked flat-out for a whole season to be able to buy one from his earned commissions. Soon, he discovered that his childhood friend Morten Linde also owned a Santos Octagonal. Indeed, Jorn and Morten share such a close sense of aesthetics and passion for watches that, over time, they both bought the same four iconic pieces: the Santos, the Reverso, the Oyster and the Royal Oak.

Morten loved watches since childhood. From an early age he was collecting watches and always wanted to become a watch designer. So much so, that in 1993 he traveled to Basel with 4 of his own designs and presented them to some of the major brands exhibiting there which lead to several commissions following his meetings. 

As a functionalist (don’t call him a Danish designer), Morten is fascinated by watches. They are some of the most complex products, with so many technical and ergonomical constraints: they have to look good with suits, jeans, work in light or darkness, be comfortable and fitted, be precise, resist water, be manufactured in the finest materials and above all be easy to read and use. 


A passion for ski and the Alps

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, Alpine skiing is not a popular sport in Denmark. It was therefore quite unusual for Jorn’s family to go skiing every winter and even more so as it involved driving across Europe in a white Ford Mustang.

Having skied on and off-piste, as well as having been dropped from many a helicopter, Jorn and Morten have their favorite ski resorts and these are shared in their Ski Guide Box Sets for Italy, France and Switzerland. 

Jorn first stepped on skis at age 6. His first ski boots (red like his first skis) make for an unusual office decoration in London. He hasn’t missed a year skiing since and always returning to the Swiss or French Alps, even on his honeymoon!

Both Jorn and Morten have been skiing since the age of 6 years old with the mountains being a source of amazement and entertainment with friends and family each year, providing the essential mix of nature, activity and family.


The power of two

After graduating with a Master of Science in International Business, Jorn went to work in Paris and London as an investment banker. Morten, having studied industrial design, went on to create furniture, sports watches and Bang & Olufsen stereos at the same time winning a string of awards and recognition including the iconic chairs sitting in Copenhagen’s park. 

In 2002, whilst recovering from a serious skiing accident where he broke his back in five places, Jorn received a call from Morten suggesting they make a sophisticated yet stylish sports watch together. Combining their passion for skiing and watches, LINDE WERDELIN was incorporated in Denmark and London in 2002.

Launched in 2006, LINDE WERDELIN watches and clip-on instruments have redefined the world of luxury sports watches by bringing together the very best of Swiss watch making and craftsmanship combined with innovative Danish design and avant-garde technology.

By combining both analogue and digital technologies, LINDE WERDELIN, produces and manufactures the ultimate sports watches and precision instruments that securely clip on top of the watch to enhance the sporting experience whether on land or sea. The 24-hour log records user’s activity that can later be uploaded to a computer to analyze and share with friends and family.

Specializing in producing limited watch series between 22 and 222 for each model, all LINDE WERDELIN watches carry an automatic mechanical movement and have a 42-hour power reserve.


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