Specialist of timepieces for civilian and military aircrafts, Dodane continues its know-how through five generations of watchmaking heritage.

„Our great-grandfather, Alphonse Dodane Gabriel, was already convinced at the beginning of the century that the conquest of the air would be just as important as the road. He therefore gave the house of Dodane its very special character in diversifying its business to include the manufacture of traditional watchmaking equipment and timepieces for French fighter aircrafts”.

Desiring to share our passion for the beautiful mechanical watch, we wanted to pay tribute to the legendary chronograph TYPE 21, supplied to the French aviation pilots since the 1950s, by re-issuing it in a limited edition.

Indeed, watches were developed for the French military based on very specific and demanding guidelines from the high command.

The technical qualities of the TYPE 21, associated with an authentic style, made it a sleek timepiece recognized for its strong character and a symbol of watchmaking precision in the service of aviation.

While ensuring their accuracy, these watches had to endure extreme stress in terms of acceleration, vibration, temperature variation and resistance to magnetic effects.



The military also wanted their pilots to have the ability to reset and restart their chronograph while in flight using only one pusher in order to measure a distance or a time without taking their eyes off the horizon or their instruments. The ‘fly-back’ feature on the Dodane chronographs have been requested and used since the 1950s until today.

Also, retaining the features and personality of the original piece, the third generation of the TYPE 21 is assembled in accordance with centuries-old watchmaking traditions and enjoys the same attention as yester years.

Moreover, the chronograph TYPE 21 is driven by the movement 42021. This caliber, of very high quality design and precision, is assembled by Dubois-Depraz, now a century old Swiss supplier, specializing in mechanical movements in horological complications.

The technical characteristics of the TYPE 21 can be certified, upon request, as a Chronometer by the National Observatory of Measuring Time of Besançon, France.

A chronograph can be designated an „Observatory Chronometer” if it meets strict standards of accuracy during 15 consecutive days of testing under 5 positions and at different temperature settings. The uniqueness of this control lies in the fact that it applies only to a fully assembled watch unlike its Swiss counterpart, COSC that tests solely non-cased movements.

The range of the new version is composed of 7 different models, from two sets of calibers - 2 and 3 chronograph counters - and three different bezels:

  1. Polished bezel with inversed graduation.
  2. Brushed bezel with increasing graduation.
  3. Black anodized bezel with graduation to 60 minutes.

Of these 7 models, Dodane designed a version with a yellow dial whose characteristic Super LumiNova® coating is inspired by on-board chronographs for low light use destined for civilian and military equipment.